Panorama Programme on BBC 1 – Tax, Lies and Videotape (Broadcast – 16 Sept 2013)

Had to write this as was so angry at the tawdry sensational journalism in tonights’s Panorama programme.  This clearly demonstrates that BBC’s journalists do not understand how government tax policy works and how the legislation is implemented.

The GAAR was not covered…And why pick on David Heaton, one of most respected and genuine tax professionals we have.  I know him well and he does not do abusive or egregious tax schemes.  What about all those promoters who are still out there selling their dodgy tax schemes.  They did not even get a mention…

Unfortunately we have one of the most complex tax codes in the world, and so unintended loopholes can easily arise.   99% of tax professionals help their clients to avoid walking into various tax traps which can snare the innocent and ill-advised.  Tax professionals also effectively help ‘police’ the tax system for HMRC, stopping clients making silly mistakes and prevent them doing all the dodgy stuff they hear about at the pub or golf club.  It’s about time we had some balanced media reporting on tax avoidance – please!